Wednesday, November 10, 2010

G is for GODZILLA!

I'm going to be doing a talk on my art at Binghamton University next Wednesday. This is a daunting/exciting event. Currently putting the finishing touches on the images, writing notes, talking to friends, etc. Talking definitely helps "talks" come together.

A lovely byproduct of this process was a cleanup/collection of all of the images of Godzilla I have on my computer. This guy (picture above) was definitely from a bar in Williamsburg, though at the moment, I cannot recall which one...I think Iona?

Been thinking about Dana Schutz a lot today, and her fearless use of invention in paintings. Did not know she also grew up in Michigan. Looked at her years ago (my first introduction to her work was the face-eaters) and I was not interested. I think I judged her on one image.

How naive. Her work is fantastic, honest, inventive, brave, and brilliant in color and composition. I like her idea that it is ok to destroy something she's invented because it's simply her invention and if she wants her invention to come back to life that's ok too.

It's nice to invent something to destroy:

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